Mohandesi Sazan Company was established in 1994 in Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran. Its goal was to provide construction services in civil engineering projects with an emphasis on structures (buildings, heavy concrete works, tall steel structures, towers, industrial plants, landscaping, etc.), transportation (highways, streets, runways, railways, bridges, tunnels, etc.), water works (irrigation and drainage networks, hydraulic and marine structures, diversion and storage dams, docks and ports, water pipelines and wastewater collection networks, etc.), facilities and equipment (transmission lines, gas and oil pipelines and pumping facilities and equipment, electrical and mechanical installations, hydro-mechanical facilities, pumping stations, etc.)

Through decades of hard work combined with engineering knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies, the company has been able to form a strong core with expertise in different areas of civil engineering, able to provide good quality and reliable construction work. Under the guidance and dynamic planning of its professional management team and the hard work of its experienced engineers and staff, and with the cooperation of governmental bureaus and private entities, it strives to materialize the short-term and long-range construction and development plans for the city, province, and country.

The establishment and expansion of Mohandesi Sazan Company has been mainly towards participation inlarge- scale civil

engineering projects that require advanced expertise and new or complex technologies that are needed based on the comprehensive planning for the country’s extensive infrastructure projects.

In order to direct the corresponding tasks in a timely and organized manner, Mohandesi Sazan has been able to create a dynamic management and operational framework within which it has grown into a reputable and reliable company and has been able to receive a variety of certifications in the four main areas of civil engineering construction profession by the Bureau of Management and Planning:

  • Buildings and structures
  • water works
  • Transportation
  • facilities and equipment

The company is in the process of entering large scale projects in oil, gas, and energy sectors Since the capabilities of a company depend on its performance and quality of work, we refer you to the list of the projects that Mohandesi Sazan has been able to complete or is in the process of completing.