Mohandesi Sazan Company with regards to Constructions and Technical Services , involves in advanced engineering projects and emphasize mainly in (Buildings, Infrastructures, Heavy Concrete structure Constructions, Heavy steel structure Construction, Industrial professional Buildings, Towers, Roads, Run Ways, Aprons, Bridges, Tunnels, Hydraulic Structures, Small Reserved Dams, Installation) with heavy specialized structures and Installation of equipment; this company was established in Fars Province in 1985.

As this company provides a sufficient potential core in achieving its goals for all aspects of commercial and industrial constructions, therefore we hope to reach the higher levels of standards in conducting our large scale engineering projects with regards to a better planning and the use of more sophisticated machinery and building equipment and also with the help of a highly qualified management team and experienced engineers, this company will do its best to find a brighter horizon but achievable for our beloved country with the help of the honest and skillful man power together with well equipped and updated planning system.